hotels near mohegan sun casino

Mohegan Sun Casinos Near Mohegan Sun Center

Choosing a hotel near Mohegan sun casino is an important decision to make. Finding the best deal is not easy, but when you know what to look for, it becomes a lot easier. Some of the best hotels can be found in the area around Mohegan sun. All three of the best hotels in Mohegan have a great reputation and offer exceptional value. Fairfield Inn by Marriott, Hyatt Place, Mohegan sun and Hilton Garden Inn by Mohegan casino is among the highest rated accommodations based on consumer reviews over the last year.

The Fairfield Inn is located just minutes from Mohegan sun casino. The hotel has one of the most luxurious suites and pools of any Moheagan casino and is perfect for those that love casinos. The Fairfield Inn even offers a free shuttle service to and from the casino and a casino ATM. If you like to shop at the casino, the Fairfield Inn is the ideal location. The Mohegan Sun casino is located on a one-block strip mall and is not far from the Fairfield Inn.

The Mohegan sun casino offers world-class gaming, dining and entertainment as well as plenty of luxurious rooms. The Sun’s main attractions are the seven game facility and the five slot machines, but the Mohegan sun casino also offers a full service lounge for those that enjoy relaxing while they play. The Sun’s Casino Manager is available twenty-four hours a day to answer questions or to discuss special offers and events. There are also an online video chat option that allows you to have an interactive conversation with one of the Sun’s casino employees.

The Fairfield Inn by Marriott is close to Mohegan Sun casino and has great value for money. The hotel has two single rooms with either king size or queen size beds, a full service laundry service, a spa and an internet access program. The Fairfield Inn has room service each morning and each night. The Fairfield Inn also offers packages for families and other groups and has an outdoor pool. that is open twenty-four hours a day. and one of the rooms has an attached, heated outdoor lounge. There is also a guest parking garage for guests that is covered by a lockable, self storage facility.

The Mohegan Sun also has a great dining and entertainment area for those that are interested in gaming and entertainment. The hotel boasts an eighteen-hour a day onsite restaurant featuring a full service bar and several dining options. There is also an eighteen-hole championship golf course that features a full staff onsite. and a casino poker room where visitors can play against the pros for real money. The Mohegan Sun casino also offers a casino poker room and a free Wi-Fi wireless internet connection at the gaming tables. The Mohegan sun casino offers an onsite casino gaming system and an electronic game room.

Moheigan sun casino’s Fairfield Inn is close to many popular attractions including the Wollaston Ampitheater, Mohean Sun Center, the Norwich Art Museum, and Moheigan Sun Marketplace. The Fairfield Inn offers a high level of customer service and excellent customer satisfaction, but its location makes it a popular choice for some visitors. With so many hotel choices near Moheigan sun casino, it should not be difficult to find the right Moheigan sun casino. for your stay.