mohegan sun casino in conn

Mohegan Sun Casino in Conn. Offers Free Bingo

Welcome to Mohegan Sun Casino in Conn., where we celebrate our 50th year of gaming. For over fifty years, the game of casino gambling has taken on a whole new look in many of our locations around the United States. This new look includes a fresh coat of paint and a fresh look that is sure to please our guests and add to the overall ambiance of our casino.

“We are reopening on Monday, June 1st! We are ready to welcome you home safely, when you are ready.” When you are ready, our number one concern is the comfort and safety of all of your guests visiting our Mohegan Sun Resort as well as our staff members who work in all areas. If you have any special needs or concerns, don’t hesitate to call our staff or even to call our toll free number.

The Mohegan Sun Casino has added several new tables and even more exciting games to its gaming floor. One of the most popular games is our game called “Ladies Night” with a special drink for ladies. Guests can enjoy the game without having to worry about their drink being spiked or having to get up to get another drink. If your kids want to play a round of mini blackjack or card games, they can do so right there. As a bonus, the casino has now installed video gaming systems so guests can enjoy the thrill of a real casino game without leaving their seats. So no need to get up from the chairs to play the video slot machines anymore.

In addition to adding new games to our casino floor, the casino has also implemented other enhancements. You can now order pizza and coffee from the restaurant directly from our concession stands. Our concessionaire, Gannato’s Italian Deli, also serves a wide selection of pasta dishes, sandwiches, and hamburgers. These are great options for those days when you need a quick fix after an exhausting day of casino gaming.

We are also offering an exciting new online casino game called “Shake Down” for those who have played our casinos at Mohegan Sun before. This game involves the use of a virtual casino table to play against the computer. This fun and entertaining game require your brains as much as it does your skill. You need to choose the exact number of people that you want to play against in this game, the exact amount of chips you have on hand, and then you must determine the size of the pot before you place your wager.

As a part of our effort to improve our casino and to ensure a safe environment for all of our guests, the Sun Casino will be conducting a sweepstakes for our casino bonus holders. This sweepstakes will allow our casino patrons to participate in a special contest to win a free night at one of our five different resorts. There are several different prize options available. Each prize includes admission to our casino on the night of your wining spree and your choice of a night hotel room. So don’t wait until you’ve won the lottery to get a free night at Mohegan’s Sun Resort.