This platform is an initiative of five Congolese civil society organisations: the Congolese Association for Access to Justice (ACAJ), Action for Transparent and Peaceful Elections (AETA), Filimbi, Congolais Débout, and Fight for Change (Lucha).

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The barometer’s conclusions

With the scheduled election date a mere few months away, almost none of these conditions have been met. As long as one political prisoner remains in prison, as long as a single person is arrested arbitrarily for demonstrating peacefully, until the electoral register has been cleaned up, credible and transparent elections will not be possible. Time is running out … it is urgent to put a definitive end to repression and engage action for our democracy!

  • Progress has certainly been made with regard to organising and preparing the elections, but we believe that, under the current conditions, the process is fraught with shortcomings deliberately created by the regime in power, and that without actual change we run the risk that these polls will be even more chaotic than those of 2011.


  • The non-candidacy of Mr. Joseph Kabila is by no means enough to guarantee that the elections announced for 23 December 2018 will be free, transparent, inclusive and peaceful.  In addition to a highly repressive political climate and a disastrous security and humanitarian situation, today’s regime totally controls the electoral commission responsible for holding the elections, the Constitutional Court and the other jurisdictions supposed to rule on electoral disputes, the army and security forces, Parliament, public administrations and the Treasury. Voting machines that do not guarantee integrity could be used to produce the results he wants, while the electoral register still contains some six million fictitious voters! Lastly, the current regime continues to deny any financial or logistical support or accept any independent observation of the process, so that outside scrutiny is blocked while he completes his feat of strength.


  • We believe that the current regime has lost all the legitimacy and credibility required for holding the free, transparent, inclusive and peaceful elections we need to end the serious political, security, economic and social crisis the DRC is experiencing as well as the resulting instability.


  • This is why we are appealing to the whole Congolese population and to all our African and international partners for a general mobilisation for free, transparent, inclusive and peaceful elections: the only guarantee of democracy, peaceful alternation of power and stability for the entire region.
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