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Christian Lumu Lukusa

Christian Lumu Lukusa

Student and UDPS activist


This UDPS activist, in charge of the external relations of the opposition party’s youth league, was abducted on November 22, 2017 by men aboard a black Toyota car. Christian Lumu Lukusa was taken to the special services office next to the Kinshasa Provincial Police Inspectorate where he was held for four days. He was later transferred to the 3Z jail of the National Intelligence Agency (ANR).

The reason for his arrest remains unknown. Christian is allowed occasional family visits but does not have access to his lawyer. He is one of three key characters in the film “Kinshasa Makambo” about the atmosphere at the theoretical end of President Joseph Kabila’s second and final term.

The young student had started suffering from pulmonary pleurisy six months before his arrest. He is currently experiencing pain in his chest and when he is urinating, according to his family. He was transferred on May 25 to an ANR medical clinic.

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