This platform is an initiative of five Congolese civil society organisations: the Congolese Association for Access to Justice (ACAJ), Action for Transparent and Peaceful Elections (AETA), Filimbi, Congolais Débout, and Fight for Change (Lucha).

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Electoral process

The barometer

Here, we are highlighting ten conditions without which the electoral process cannot result in free, transparent and inclusive elections. If these conditions are not met, the country will be heading straight for disaster and would risk taking the entire region with it into chaos.

An explicit statement from Joseph Kabila

The release of political prisoners

Reopening of all private media and fair access to public media

Freedom for all citizens to demonstrate peacefully

Independence and impartiality of electoral justice

Full compliance with the electoral schedule

Presence of national observers and international experts

Producing a reliable and consensual electoral register

Transparency and confidence in the voting system

Transparent management of electoral resources

  • What was done
  • What was not done

The political background

Today’s political crisis in DR Congo is the result of the current government’s failure to hold elections and the refusal of president Kabila to...

The barometer’s goal

The goal of our barometer and this platform is to provide a continuous, up-to-date snapshot as the preparations...

The barometer’s methodology

To build this barometer, we have based our process on the fulfilment of the commitments made by the Congolese regime...

The barometer’s conclusions

With the scheduled election date a mere few months away, almost none of these conditions have been met...

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