This platform is an initiative of five Congolese civil society organisations: the Congolese Association for Access to Justice (ACAJ), Action for Transparent and Peaceful Elections (AETA), Filimbi, Congolais Débout, and Fight for Change (Lucha).

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Crisis timeline

Controversial electoral reform

Demonstrations against an electoral reform aimed at linking referendums to elections.

19 January 2015

First electoral schedule

The Ceni publishes, without a consensus, the electoral schedule setting a deadline for the elections on 27 November 2016.

12 February 2015

Provincial elections postponed

Originally scheduled for 15 October 2015, the Ceni postpones the provincial elections.

25 September 2015

The Constitutional Court is shut down

According to the Constitutional Court, Joseph Kabila can remain in office if the presidential election is not held.

11 May 2016

Rassop is born

In Genval, the country’s largest political opposition alliance Rassemblement de l’Opposition (Rassop) is formed, with Étienne Tshisekedi as president of the group of elders.

June 2016

Tshisekedi returns

Etienne Tshisekedi returns to Kinshasa after a two-year absence.

July 2016

Electoral register timeline

The Ceni states that it will take until July 2017 to put the new electoral register together, seven months after the end of Joseph Kabila's term.

August 2016

Kamwina Nsapu

The assassination of Kamwina Nsapu triggers rioting in Kasai.

August 2016

Dialogue at Cité de l’OUA

Facilitated by Edem Kodjo, political talks are started at Cité de l'OUA (OAU village).

September 2016

Demonstrations of 19 September

Congolese citizens take to the streets to protest against the failure to convene the electorate. The demonstrations are bloodily suppressed across the country.

19 September 2016

The Cité de l’OUA agreement

The regime and an opposition fringe group sign an agreement postponing the presidential election to the first quarter of 2018.

18 October 2016

Demonstrations of 19 December

Congolese citizens protest against the prolongation of Joseph Kabila's second and last term. Dozens of people are killed.

19 December 2016

The Cenco agreement

Under the aegis of the bishops, the political class signs the New Year's Eve agreement in extremis, scheduling the presidential elections “for December 2017 at the latest``.

31 December 2016

Death of Étienne Tshisekedi

Historical opponent Étienne Tshisekedi dies in Brussels. Behind him, the alliance explodes.

1 February 2017

Two UN experts killed

The American Michael Sharp and the Sweden’s Zaida Catalan, two UN experts, are murdered in Kasaï.

March 2017

Resolution 2348 is adopted

The Security Council adopts resolution 2348 regarding the renewal of Monusco's mandate and makes the 31 December 2016 agreement the only way out of the crisis in the DRC.

31 March 2017

Bruno Tshibala named Prime Minister

President Kabila and his faction violate the Cenco agreement by appointing Bruno Tshibala, the companion of the late Étienne Tshisekedi, but excluded from the party, as Prime Minister.

07 April 2017

The Cenco appeal

The CENCO appeals to the population to rise up and take control of its destiny. ``The country is dying, Congolese rise up!`` is the wake-up call to the Congolese people to demand elections.

23 June 2017

The Congolese citizens’ manifesto

In Paris, a number of civil society associations and citizen movements signed the ``Congolese citizens’ Manifesto`` calling for Kabila’s departure no later than December 2017, and the establishment of a transition government without Kabila.

August 2017

New electoral schedule

After several months of waiting, the Ceni publishes a new electoral schedule postponing the elections to December 2018.

5 November 2017

First CLC march

Demonstrations initiated by the Secular coordination committee (CLC) to demand the full implementation of the Cenco agreement are violently repressed across the country.

31 December 2017

Second CLC march

Like the first, the second march initiated by the Lay coordination committee (CLC) is violently repressed. Protesters are killed.

21 January 2018

Third CLC march

In response to the call from the Lay coordinating committee (CLC), the third march against dictatorship - the obstacle preventing free elections from being held - was violently repressed.

25 February 2018

Resolution 2409 is adopted

The UN Security Council adopts resolution 2409 stepping up MONUSCO's mandate to support the electoral process.

27 March 2018

The Lucha march in Beni

A march initiated by Lucha to demand an end to insecurity in Beni, is brutally dispersed by the police. Several activists are arrested.

25 April 2018

Women’s march in Mbuji-Mayi

The police violently disperse women demonstrating in Mbuyi-Mayi against the scarcity of water.

15 May 2018

Filimbi and Lucha sit-in in Goma

Activists from Filimbi and Lucha demand the release of their comrades detained in Kinshasa since December 2017.

11 July 2018

Nominations filed for the presidential and legislative elections

From 25 July to 8 August, the Ceni takes in files from the candidates to the Presidency of the Republic and national MPs.

25 July 2018

Bemba returns to Kinshasa

Following his surprise acquittal of crimes against humanity and war crimes, opposition contender Jean-Pierre Bemba returns to Kinshasa to submit his candidacy for the presidential election.

1 August 2018

Kabila finally names his successor

Under pressure from the street and the international community, Joseph Kabila appoints Emmanuel Ramazani Shadary as his successor. And the above lost no time in filing his candidacy.

August 2018
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