This platform is an initiative of five Congolese civil society organisations: the Congolese Association for Access to Justice (ACAJ), Action for Transparent and Peaceful Elections (AETA), Filimbi, Congolais Débout, and Fight for Change (Lucha).

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Condition #6: electoral schedule


-> Full compliance with the electoral schedule.

Since the electoral schedule was published on 5 November 2017, this timeline has set the pace of national political life. Not one day goes by without someone talking about it. Our organisations also regret that the only thing that counts is compliance with the electoral schedule: no matter how it is done, as long as the deadlines are kept… What about voting conditions ?

For our organisations, compliance with the electoral schedule involves two different things: keeping to deadlines (formal conditions) and complying with standards and commitments (substantive conditions), without which true elections will not be possible. But now, the independent national electoral commission (Ceni) and the regime are focused solely on satisfying the formal conditions. An electoral register has been produced, but with over ten million voters and no biometric data, and was audited after the seats were distributed: in other words, it is based on doubtful figures. A list of political parties has been published which not only contains duplicates, but does not mention one of the main parties of the latest legislature, etc.

Today, everyone is turning a blind eye to these violations to avoid “giving the government and the Independent National Electoral Commission (Ceni) the excuse to postpone the elections”. Our organisations consider this a dangerous position because it may lead to chaos. That is why we ask the Ceni to remediate the situation by complying with the provisions of the Constitution, laws and the New Year’s Eve agreement. With the submission of candidacies underway, the Ceni must cease to jeopardise the integrity of the electoral process.

Although citizens still tolerate these failings and violations, they are not prepared to accept another postponement of the presidential elections. We expect the Independent National Electoral Commission (Ceni) and the regime to provide sound organisation for the elections on 23 December. In the opinion of our organizations, yet another postponement of the election is unacceptable. The Ceni must now make every effort to hold these elections on time, in keeping with the spirit and rules of its own schedule.

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